2021 | Virtual Ceremony

Award Categories

The awards will celebrate collaboration, innovation, and creativity across production, distribution, monetisation, direct-to-consumer, and broadcast. Created with a global focus in mind, the awards honour only the most exceptional and creative uses of technology and new thinking across 14 categories.

Note: The ‘qualifying period’ for entries with this listed within their key criteria is:

00:01 (GMT) 19th September 2019 – 23:59 (GMT) 25th September 2020.

Categories include:

Platform of the Year

This award celebrates the world’s most outstanding sports OTT platform of 2020.

Key Criteria

  • Must be a platform or service that delivers live or on-demand content to consumers that were either;
  • A platform must be accessible in multiple markets; or;
  • Nominees must be the rights owners or content owners for multiple sports
  • How the platform provides best-in-class experiences for users
  • How does it differentiate from its competitors
  • Rapid growth in audience and subscription numbers
  • How does it deal with key technological challenges such as latency and piracy
  • The proof of ROI relative to platform size and scale
  • Strong integration into overall commercial strategy

Innovation of the Year

This category will recognise a new feature, technology or product that has enhanced the consumption and use of OTT platforms.

Key Criteria

  • A technology or solution that was launched within the qualifying period.
  • Can demonstrate dramatic impact to the company, the product or the industry
  • How innovative is this product or solution in comparison to existing offerings in the market
  • How well it can be proved that this innovation has transformed content consumption
  • How this product or solution disrupted the industry and supply chain

Best Tech Company

This award recognises the company that’s driving the growth and disruption of the sports OTT industry via the use of technological innovation.

Key Criteria

  • The Company must deliver technological solutions to help the industry with a key technological challenge(s)
  • The company has created a gap between itself and the competition
  • Can demonstrate that the company is a key driver and influencer of the OTT industry
  • Real world case studies on how this company is delivering for clients
  • How much this technology company has expanded its influence on the industry
  • How this company has helped improve the consumer experience

Best Lockdown Solution

This award recognises the most innovative content strategy or technology development for assisting sports through the COVID-19 pandemic

Key Criteria

  • The nomination must have been formulated during lockdown
  • It must be a demonstratable development from pre-existing features
  • How the response was conceptualised, implemented, and its results
  • How it differed from pre-existing content, technology, or strategies
  • How it is unique to others in its field
  • The lasting impact of the solution

Best User Experience

This category is for platforms and services that deliver an intuitive, interactive and flexible user experience that drives greater retention and consumption of sport.

Key Criteria

  • User experience to revolve around a platform, service or solution that benefits the consumer
  • The experience must be centred around an OTT experience
  • Incorporates innovation not seen on other platforms
  • How the user experience drives fan engagement
  • How has it improved platform consumption
  • Has it led to an increase in revenue or other measurable ROI
  • How the company has dealt with any reliability issues to their platform, service or solution

Emerging Tech Company of the Year

This award recognises the most innovative and emerging technology company impacting the OTT industry.

Key Criteria

  • Annual turnover under $20 million
  • The company has provided a solution or innovated a feature that improves the OTT industry
  • Case studies of how the technology is providing solutions to partners in real life
  • How much impact the company’s solution could have on the wider OTT industry
  • How the company’s technology uniquely resolves a challenge within OTT

Best in Fan Engagement

This award is for those companies who are successfully building passionate and loyal communities around their OTT platforms and services.

Key Criteria

  • A company, technology or campaign that is significantly growing audiences and communities as a result of its fan engagement practices
  • Fans have an improved connectivity with the sport, the athlete or the fans consuming the sport in real-time
  • Any activity needs to be delivered through OTT and digital platforms
  • Measurable proof of the impact this company or campaign has had on the fan
  • Real world examples of how fan engagement has increased as a result of the company/ campaign
  • How fan engagement has helped the company drive revenues

Best New Platform

This award recognises the most successful launch or re-launch of an OTT platform either direct to consumer or aggregator to the market.

Key Criteria

  • The launch or re-launch must’ve taken place since July 1st, 2019
  • Any re-launch nomination must successfully demonstrate genuine platform re-development, new content offering, rebranding, or combination of factors
  • Content offering must include live sports
  • Innovative features, content offerings, or payment models distinct from competitors within the market
  • Proof of success in building subscriber base upon launch
  • How disruptive the launch has been to market
  • How launch is impacting overall business performance

Best Original Content

This award recognises the best long-form content created for an OTT platform outside of live sports.

Key Criteria

  • Content must have originally aired within the qualifying period
  • Content must have been published through an OTT platform
  • Content must be new and unique
  • Data demonstrating increased viewership and engagement relative to other content
  • Evidence of increased awareness or sentiment attributable to original content
  • Revenue from original content
  • Accolades for quality of content

Best Use of Social Media

This award recognises the most innovative and creative strategy for implementing social media within a digital OTT strategy.

Key Criteria

  • Content must’ve been specifically intended for distribution on a social media platform
  • Social strategy must sit within larger OTT plan
  • Authentic, engaging, creative, and format specific content relevant to the target audience
  • Identifiable touch points using social media as part of OTT strategy
  • KPI’s and measurement demonstrating engagement and promoting interaction amongst followers
  • ROI on delivery
  • Partnership collaborations using social assets

Best in Anti-Piracy

This category is for the rights owners, technologies and service providers that are leading the fight against piracy of live sports across the globe.

Key Criteria

  • A project, campaign, or technology that has dramatically reduced the level of piracy of live sports
  • Examples and case studies must be within the qualifying period
  • Measurable proof of how Piracy was impacted
  • Real world case studies and examples provided
  • How the company, solution or technology stands out from the competition

Best Digital First Production

This award will recognise those that have developed technology, platforms or experiences that prioritise the growing demands of the digital consumer.

Key Criteria

  • A technology or platform that is delivering a product or experience that is dedicated to OTT broadcasting
  • Is used for live sports
  • Examples of how the production improves users experience
  • How it differs from regular broadcast production or experiences
  • Measurable examples of how the digital first production has impacted consumption

Best Marketing Campaign

This award is for campaigns that have driven awareness, excitement, engagement and revenues around OTT platforms, rights and events within the qualifying period.

Key Criteria

  • The campaign must have begun in the qualifying period
  • The campaign promoted a dedicated sports OTT platform, service or solution
  • Must have data and insights to prove the success of the campaign
  • How the campaign was conceptualised, delivered, executed and measured
  • A campaign that was unique, innovative and maximised multiple marketing channels
  • How the campaign outperformed KPI’s and industry standards, and delivered ROI

Best Start Up Tech Company

This award recognises the most impactful technology company entering the OTT industry.

Key Criteria

  • Annual turnover under $5 million
  • Must have a proof of concept
  • Case studies of how the technology is providing solutions to partners in real life
  • How much impact the company’s solution could have on the wider OTT industry
  • How the company’s technology uniquely resolves a challenge within OTT